After reading or hearing about how great storing files on the cloud are, you are probably looking for a reliable cloud hosting provider where you can store all your data without any hassle. Aside from that, you don’t have to be with your friends and family before you can share those files with them. Instead of flash drives, memory card, hard drives – just to mention a few, cloud storage allows you to share your link for quick access and download by anyone anytime and anywhere.

Here’s the good news: there are large numbers of file hosting provides offering this service. However, one of the reliable hosting company is Search

What is

Rapidgator is one of the many companies offering remote data storage service and featuring cloud storage backup with uploading and downloading tools. This cloud hosting provider offers the easiest way to share your saved files. It only requires you to get the link to your saved data and share. Now, anyone with your link can download your files – music, documents, videos, images, and many more, without your presence.

Rapidgator designs a system to meet every customer’s demands. That’s why this online storage provider offers both Free and Premium accounts.

Free Account

Account TypeFree UserPremium User
Download speed:75 kb/sUnlimited
Number of simultaneous downloads:1Unlimited
Download restriction:one file per two hours1 TB in one month
Direct/hot download link:NoYes
Downloads start immediately:30 secondsYes
Downloads captcha:YesNo
Support for resumed downloads:NoYes
Support for download managers:NoYes

This account is activated after creating an account with Rapidgator, which usually take fewer clicks. The free account offers the basic services – download, upload, and storage – with limitation.

Let’s dig a little deeper: the free account has its download speed limited, which is the first thing anyone would notice. Another limitation is users in this account will not be able to download multiple files at once. You are only permitted to download one file after the other, which can be annoying if you have to download more than 10 files. Plus, you can only download one file in 120 minutes that’s a lot of time to wait.

Furthermore, this account type does not support any other download software for faster download. And, if your download gets interrupted for any reason, you will have to start all over again rather than resume from where you stopped.

Premium Benefits

When upgrading from free account to premium account, there is 9 premium plan to select from, which will be discussed later. However, what are the benefits of upgrading to any of the premium accounts:

Let me begin with the unlimited speed enjoyed by premium members, all restrictions on the download speed are removed. Even better, you may use any of your download software for super fast download. Unlike the free account, you can download multiple files at once without interruptions.
rapidgator download speed
Also, if for any reason your downloading got interrupted, you don’t have to start all over again, but resume your download. Rapidgator premium users enjoy priority privilege as they enjoy fast download even when the server is very busy.
rapidgator parallel downloads
Wait, there’s more: you can download files up to 5GB. Besides, no more sitting for several seconds watching some ads you are not interested in before download.

Premium Plans

rapidgator pricing
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Rapidgator allows several means of payment including:

  • WebMoney
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Direct debiting system
  • And many more.

Why Choose Rapidgator

Rapidgator comes with distinct features that make them one of the most sought after cloud storage providers. So, what’s good about them? Let’s start with their exclusive file manager allowing users to store their files appropriately. It provides you with a reasonable way of managing your upload files in a professional manner. Users can now create their own folder for proper organization and monitoring data of large sizes.

Also, locating files becomes easier as every uploaded file come with details such as name, date, and file size. It comes with a search function allowing users to look up for their saved data without hassle easily. Better, new users will have no trouble using this interface, as it is straightforward and easy to get familiar with it. And, the drag and drop function add another layer of convenience.


Upgrading to a premium account provide you access to several file sharing options. For storing large files, you can make use of FTP server for incredible upload speeds. Immediately, these files are stored, users get a link which you can share with your friends and family.


Rapidgator has garnered a lot of trust for several reasons, and one of them is their sense of treating all data with discretion and strictly confidential. This provider does not require a password to download the uploaded files. Thus, you can download those files without any troubles. In a case of copyright infringement, Rapidgator responds quite differently by deleting the data instead of locking up the user’s account.
rapidgator safe pay

Customer Support

No doubt, you may find yourself lost or helpless with your premium account, don’t fret, merely contact their customer service. There are two ways to reach out to them using a phone or via email. They will do everything possible to help resolve the issue and guide you through how to use their servers for optimum satisfaction. Review – Final Thought

Rapidgator has proven to be a reliable cloud hosting provider, gaining more users daily since 2010. They are focused on offering quality service, and, upgrade to any of their premium plans; you have access to an odd number of amazing benefits. Here’s the best part: you don’t have to break a bank to enjoy all this, Rapidgator have customer’s interest at heart.

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