Rapidgator Premium Account Pros

We probably know the importance of keeping our vital files safe online so that in case the computer crushes, your files are safe. RapidGator is one of the most used sites online to upload, store and keep files intact . There is an ordinary standard account that only allows you to upload and download files up to a certain limit and there is the premium RapidGator account that allows limitless downloads and uploads. You can also get to share various video, music and gaming files with your friends.

After registering for free, you can excite yourself with the incredible hosting experience but remember that you’ll be uploading, downloading and sharing files under some limitations if you have not yet subscribed for the premium account. What you need to do is to purchase a premium RapidGator account for you to stack all your cards together and get to enjoy limitless uploads and downloads. This is just one benefit of having a premium account, check out below for some other benefits.

No Adverts

With the premium account, you can download as many files as you can in a day without a limit. The adverts present in the sites are only visible to people using free accounts. Users with premium accounts can navigate through the RapidGator’s page without having to struggle with nuisance brought by adverts.

Aborted Downloads Can Be Resumed

Besides the fact that download links open up directly to the file download as soon as you sign in as a premium user, you can also resume downloads which were aborted by mistake or paused. This means that you don’t have to download the interupted file from the start.

Download Accelerators Supported

Since some users may like to use download accelerators to boost the download speed, the download links meant for premium-based users can support most download accelerators without any limitation.

Permanent File Storage

With a premium RapidGator account, you can store files for the longest time possible. Remember that once your files are in RapidGator, they cannot be deleted by external sources since they aren’t infringing any copyright laws.

For sure, you need to experience rapid file downloads, huge file downloads and permanent file storage by buying a premium RapidGator account.

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